PKP Energetyka chooses Elastic Intranet

How one of the largest energy companies in Poland decided to use Elastic Intranet to improve internal communication, collecting knowledge and administration processes


PKP Energetyka provides maintenance, sells and supplies electricity to traction and business customers.


Company has multiple locations and divisions distributed across the country with headquarters located in Warsaw.


7,000 employees
Most of them are field workers and service technicians taking care of 20,000 kilometers of distribution network.

PKP Energetyka has chosen Elastic Intranet as their company intranet

Being a geographically distributed organization they needed a solid and easy-to-use SharePoint-based communication platform.

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Digital employee magazine

PKP Energetyka has two internal publications published quarterly and monthly, in addition to a daily press digest.
Elastic Intranet's internal publications feature helps in distributing digital magazines to more readers.

Adapted to the expectations

Elastic Intranet allows for easily creating advanced contents based on ready-made templates - content types. One of the 35 available content types is internal recrutation.
Planning and scheduling
In the opposition to sending recruitment info through email, HR department can now post job offerings directly in the company's intranet, what allows to dynamically set campaign's duration, searching and filtering (by location, tags and content).
Providing all the necessary info
Like any other content in Elastic Intranet, internal recruitments are build from content blocks, what allows for creating rich and beautiful pages by adding attachments, media and all details needed.

Application platform

PKP Energetyka uses intranet applications to manage company's resources (rooms and equipment booking), find contact info (Organization Structure, Address Book), engage users (Ideas bank, Expert Questions, Discussions) and to collect knowledge with Knowledge Base.
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Successful solution

  • Elastic Intranet is a modern and easy-to-use tool for internal communication. We especially appreciate the unique in this type of solutions ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content.

    Cooperation went perfectly - consultants have executed the process of intranet deployment very efficiently, demonstrating flexibility and openness to customer needs.

    Krzysztof Kiełmiński
    Director of Communication Office

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