Collect, browse and share company knowledge, publish ideas and discuss important topics.
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Make ideas come true

Engage your employees with Ideas Bank. Anyone can easily publish rich ideas pages - add text, images and videos using the power of Elastic Intranet's block editor.
Votes and comments
Users can support ideas by voting for the best ones and giving their opinions in comments.
Ralization status
Monitor idea status and watch how it evolves, from submission, through acceptance to realization.

Discuss important topics

Create discussions and support forums. Allow for user's voice to be heared.
Your employees can quickly create beautiful and detailed discussion pages to share knowledge and collaborate.
See how discussions can help your organization share knowledge
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Get answers for asked questions

Quickly build rich FAQ pages to keep your coworkers informed.
Ask the expert
Easily add an option to directly ask the assigned expert for answers not added yet.
Ask the Bot
Soon you will be able to use a Chat Bot, which will live inside Elastic Intranet to help your users find the right answers and automate knowledge management process.

Start managing your in-company knowledge

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Share extended knowledge

Create beautiful and rich knowledge articles with the power of Elastic Intranet's block editor. Build your own knowledge structure and aggregate content using special knowledge blocks.
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From simple knowledge articles to extended information architecture, it's all there!

Seamless knowledge management

Elastic Intranet provides easy-to-use tools for sharing in-company knowledge and building dynamic information architecture
Easily create beautiful employee onboarding tours and courses.
Quickly share knowledge publications directly in your intranet.
Plan and manage trainings using built-in calendar and training pages.
Filter your knowledge content with tags and categories.
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PKP Energetyka chooses Elastic Intranet

"We especially appreciate the unique in this type of solutions ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content."

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