Content management

Create articles, news and event pages. Publish galleries or build a bulletproof newsletter, and all this in a solid, responsive and consistent design
News Newsletter Events Tags Comments & likes Extensive navigation Content types Versioning Permissions

Rich & engaging corporate news

Easily create visually attractive news to keep your coworkers up-to-date.
Build and publish, or schedule
Elastic Intranet allows you to quickly inform your employees about important updates, or even schedule future annocuements.
Taggable and embeddable
Build your own elastic news structure with extensive tags, improve discoverability by referencing them with rich embeds.

Start publishing your beautiful news right now

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Build responsive newsletters

Prepare engaging emails with our carefully crafted blocks, that look great on any device.
Insert text, images and embed company news or events, build newsletters everyone will love to read.
Start using Elastic Intranet and send your bulletproof newsletter
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Company events

Build beautiful event pages and organize any type of company event.
Sign-ups and reminders
Easily plan your event, track interest with sign-ups and limit registration time or available seats number. Send reminders and event related newsletters to all signed up users.
Extended event description
Showcase your event in interesting and engaging way, add agenda, speakers, interactive map or photo gallery, it's all there.

Create engaging company event pages

Get access to Elastic Intranet and plan events everyone will love to attend.
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Extended content tagging

Elastic Intranet allows for fully custom and dynamic tags structure - define your own taxonomy and set available tags across various content types.
Almost all content in Elastic Intranet can be marked with your own defined tags: news, events, publications, knowledge articles and more.
Tags are displayed in content lists (like news list, publications list) and content pages to visually categorize your contents.
Display content lists based on tags, browse pages and filter search results.
Build intranet content faster & easier than ever before

Elastic Intranet provides a range ofuseful features to help your company manage intranet content

Content types
Fully packed and ready-to-go for your perfect intranet structure
Modular content blocks
Build great-looking pages using 100+ block types, no technical skills required
Social features
Discuss, share and recommend content across your intranet
Extensive navigation
Easily create and manage navigation structure with mega-menu option
Continuous versioning
All pages in Elastic Intranet are versioned, so you can always go back to view or restore
Draft and public status
Work on your content as long as you wish, publish when you are ready
Fully Responsive
Your intranet will look perfect and work properly with any device
Dynamic permissions
Inherit or set read/edit permissions for any structure level, restrict access or allow for anonymous users

Transform your ideas into reality and launch a beautiful intranet.

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PKP Energetyka chooses Elastic Intranet

"We especially appreciate the unique in this type of solutions ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content."

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