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Put your intranet to work with our set of built-in apps to help you manage resources and company structure
Organization structure Address book Locations & resources booking Search Profiles Recruitment Admin Stats

Flexible Organization Structure

Visualize your organization's structure using the interactive and adaptive graph.
Dynamic and connected
Easily add, manage and browse any level of structure units, suitable even for the most complicated organizations.

Filter employees in Address Book based on unit membership, directly from the Organization Structure.

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Always find the right people

Company address book helps employees to quickly access information about co-workers.
Search by name, organization unit or job title. Filter and sort results, then easily view user's availability and send message/call with Skype for Business.
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Manage company's locations and resources

Allow your employees to find info about any of your distributed locations and resources. Mark rooms on interactive floor plans, display a list of employees working in the office and easily create rich room or resource pages to collaborate and book using Exchange/SharePoint calendar integration.
Learn how locations and resources can be used
Browse resources list, find rooms using interactive floor plans and book them directly from beautiful pages
Browse locations & resources
Interactive location floors plans
Rooms & resources pages with booking

Create your locations structure

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Put your intranet to work

Elastic Intranet gives you just the right tools to save your time and let you focus on important things
User profiles
View user's rich profile page with organization, location, skills and interests information.
Internal recruitment
Post beautiful and engaging job offers directly in your intranet to attract the best professionals.
Admin panel
Manage users, permissions, tags, content types and many more in intuitive administration panel.
Stats and Analytics
Browse intranet's rich statistics to always know which content your users love most.
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PKP Energetyka chooses Elastic Intranet

"We especially appreciate the unique in this type of solutions ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content."

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